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Edition from 15.12.2022
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Our monthly compliance newsletter (German and English articles) contains many articles worth reading in the areas of regulatory compliance, white collar crime, corruption, bribery, cryptocurrency compliance as well as ESG compliance.

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Top Artikel

Using Advanced Technology And Analytics To Fight Financial Crime
As financial crime techniques become more sophisticated, organizations are adopting the latest in technology to protect themselves and customers against criminal activities such as money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing.
Forbes, 01.12.2022

Guidelines on policies and procedures in relation to compliance management
Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 14.37.57 In the latest report of the EBA you find detailed guidelines on policies and procedures in relation to compliance management and the role and responsibilities of the AML/CFT Compliance Officer.
BaFin News, 07.12.2022

New guide for Swiss SMEs
Export-oriented Swiss companies often find themselves confronted with corruption and the associated risks. Particular risks arise when companies work with agents, local sales partners and other third parties. A new guide from the Swiss chapter of Transparency International supports SMEs in adequately dealing with such risks.
CH Global Enterprise, 18.11.2022

Sanktionen und Geopolitik sind wachsende Compliance-Risiken
Der Ukrainekrieg und die Bedrohung Taiwans hinterlassen Spuren: Der Umgang mit Sanktionen und deren Vermeidung sind zu den wichtigsten Aufgaben von Compliance-Managern geworden.
FAZ, 30.11.2022

EU-Staaten verständigen sich auf Bargeldobergrenze von 10.000 Euro
Deutschland war skeptisch. Dennoch haben sich die EU-Staaten auf eine Bargeldobergrenze von 10.000 Euro verständigt. Zudem sind Beschränkungen für Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin geplant.
Die Welt, 07.12.2022

KYC Spider Toolbox, Insights & Wissen

FTX’s Collapse – What Happened? A Drama in Four Acts

FTX sounded like the perfect American success story. A twentysomething philanthropic MIT graduate had managed in four years to create one of the largest and most trusted crypto exchange platforms.
(Article also available in German)

MME, 12.12.2022

Swiss VAT Qualification of (Native) Tokens

Key aspects regarding Swiss VAT in connection with the sale and purchase of (Native) Tokens.
(Article also available in German)

MME, 06.12.2022

Data protection and secure communication in Switzerland

Sensitive business data and personal data requiring special protection must be transmitted securely. The sender cannot control the route/path taken by the data packets sent to the destination address. Digital highwaymen lurk on the Internet to hijack data packets (route hijacking). (Article also available in German)

MME, 02.12.2022

Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 09.01.00-1

KYC Spider AG is now cooperating with CURENTIS AG and can offer customers not only digital, automatable compliance solutions but also consulting services for compliance and risk management issues. 

KYC Spider, 14.12.2022

Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 09.01.24

KYC Spider is pleased to announce a new partnership with Abacus Research AG (hereinafter "Abacus"). With around 700 employees, Abacus is the leading Swiss manufacturer of business software for SMEs.

KYC Spider, 13.12.2022

KYC Spider and partner IAMX on digital identity and KYC
Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 21.05.21

KYC Spider’s CEO and the CEO of KYC Spider's partner IAMX were interviewed on the topic of digital identity and KYC. The almost 30-minute video explains in a simple way how KYC can be easily integrated in a Web3 context.

Learn Cardano, 23.11.2022

KYC Spider and partner IAMX participated at Cardano Summit

The Cardano Summit took place in November in Lausanne. Around 2,000 people attended the event and another 50,000 followed the event via live stream at local conferences in 6 time zones. KYC Spider’s CEO was on stage together with the CEO of our partner IAMX.

Cardano Summit, 29.11.2022

Webinar @ 15.12.: The Future of Governance, Compliance & Proof of Reserves

After the FTX bankruptcy, it is essential to understand how crypto businesses can create safe and robust crypto custody solutions. In this webinar, you learn about the implications of the recent collapse, receive insights on building robust compliance, risk management & due diligence processes. Today at 6pm CET.

Merkle Science, 15.12.2022

Regulatorische Compliance

Updated sanction reports from FINMA, Bundesrat and WBF

FINMA, the WBF and the Federal Council have published amendments to the ordinances.
(Available also in German)

FINMA, 08.12.2022

VideoIdent im Bankenwesen: Bafin und BMF halten an Brückentechnologie fest
Die Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (Bafin) hat das Verfahren VideoIdent geprüft. Es hält so wie das Finanzministerium daran fest., 18.11.2022

17 Rising Fintech DACH Stars that Went Live in 2022
Fintech Innovators has released its annual report featuring the most exciting and fastest-growing fintech and insurtech companies across the DACH region. Produced in collaboration with Inno Invest, German Accelerator, KPMG and Amazon Web Services, the report highlights more than 110 ventures.
Fintech Schweiz, 06.12.2022

Sygnum Granted Approval to Operate in the Abu Dhabi Global Market
Swiss digital asset bank Sygnum has received in-principle approval from the Abu Dhabi Global Market’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority to expand to the city. The approval allows the company to access Abu Dhabi’s established wealth management market and the opportunity to offer its crypto services.
Fintech Schweiz, 24.11.2022

Challenger Bank SWISS4.0 Granted FINMA Fintech License
Financial services app SWISS4.0 has been granted a fintech license by the FINMA to operate as a financial institution. The firm said that it is the first Geneva-based fintech to receive the FINMA fintech license and the fourth in Switzerland to do so since the license was introduced in 2018.
Fintech Schweiz, 23.11.2022

Risk management priorities by chief risk officers of leading firms
In this first of a series of articles on risk management in banks, McKinsey explores perspectives of chief risk officers from some of the world’s leading banks on the evolving context and priorities.
McKinsey, 09.12.2022

Kryptowährung Compliance

So wirkt sich der FTX-Sturz auf die Schweiz aus
Kryptowährungen sacken ab, der nächste Kryptoverleiher steht vor der Insolvenz. Die Krypto-Schweiz sieht sich in diesen unsicheren Zeiten als Fels in der Brandung.
Inside-Channels, 17.11.2022

HashKey Group and SEBA Bank Form Strategic Partnership
HashKey Digital Asset Group and SEBA Bank have announced a new strategic partnership which will see both financial services groups leverage their digital asset service offerings as well as custody and asset management products to accelerate the institutional adoption of digital assets in Hong Kong and in CH.
Bitcoin News Schweiz, 06.12.2022

Cryptocurrency has become a playground for fraudsters
Currency speculation was once the preserve of banking institutions, governments, and investment funds. But with cryptocurrency, it's being sold to the public as casino entertainment., 06.12.2022

Some crypto backers are purposely taking a 'very dangerous path
Some market players are purposely avoiding regulation in the crypto space. The EU agreed in June on the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation. This is meant to reduce risks for consumers buying crypto assets.
CNBC, 07.12.2022

What is tokenization and how are banks tapping into its design principles?
Financial services organizations can use tokenization to solve several friction points and have better risk management in place., 01.12.2022

HashFlare founders arrested in 'astounding' $575M crypto fraud scheme
The HashFlare founders have been charged for their alleged involvement in a crypto fraud and money laundering conspiracy., 22.11.2022

US DOJ split over charging Binance in the 2018 AML investigation: Report
Binance has faced compliance warnings from many countries over the past couple of years, but it managed to overcome those shortcomings in most nations barring the U.S., 12.12.2022

Umwelt, Soziales, Unternehmensführung (ESG) & Klimaschutz

FINMA veröffentlicht Aufsichtsmitteilung zur Offenlegung über Klimarisiken
Die FINMA hat analysiert, wie die grössten Banken und Versicherungsunternehmen erstmals nach Vorgabe des FINMA-Offenlegungsrundschreiben ihre klimabezogenen Finanzrisiken offenlegen. Ihre wesentlichen Erkenntnisse hierzu hält die FINMA in einer Aufsichtsmitteilung fest.
FINMA, 29.11.2022

Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung: Bundesrat legt weiteres Vorgehen fest
Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 14.26.31 Der Bundesrat will bei der nachhaltigen Unternehmensführung auch künftig eine international abgestimmte Regelung. Ein Bericht zeigt auf, inwiefern sich das Schweizer Recht von den beschlossenen und geplanten EU-Regulierungen unterscheidet.
News Service Bund, 02.12.2022

How will ESG funds make money next year?
With markets uncertain, picking winning stocks and funds will be tough in 2023.
Financial Times, 09.12.2022

Playing offense with green tech to achieve net-zero emissions
Technology holds the key to unlocking decarbonization by identifying emission hot spots and pinpointing the areas of biggest impact.
McKinsey, 09.12.2022

Could supply-chain issues derail the energy transition?
Electric-vehicle penetration is the biggest driver of oil demand declines in the energy transition. However, emerging supply bottlenecks for key battery materials could be an unexpected barrier.
McKinsey, 06.12.2022

One way to help solve net-zero challenges: Working together as an ecosystem
It is vital to manage three areas when negotiating the rocky 1.5° pathway: clear policies, risks to private capital, and tradeoffs.
McKinsey, 30.11.2022

Menschlichkeit beim Wirtschaften
Wer es mit Corporate Social Responsibility ernst meint, muss im ganzen Unternehmen richtige Führungskompetenzen kultivieren.
HandelsZeitung, 07.12.2022

Wirtschaftskriminalität, Korruption & Bestechung

Weltweit «Schatten-Diplomaten» in Verbrechen verwickelt
Eine internationale Recherche zeigt: Hunderte Honorarkonsuln sind in Bestechung, Schmuggel und Betrug involviert.
SRF, 15.11.2022

Glencore to pay $180 million over alleged Congo corruption claims

Glencore announce it would pay $180 million to the Democratic Republic of the Congo covering all present and future claims to alleged corruption., 05.12.2022

Schweizer Treuhänder gerät auf US Sanktionslisten
Die US-Behörden setzen den Luzerner Treuhänder Alexander Studhalter und seine Söhne auf die Sanktionsliste. Es ist dies auch eine generelle Warnung an Schweizer Anwälte und Treuhänder, mit Sanktionierten zu geschäften.
Luzerner Zeitung, 15.11.2022

Wie Deutschland die Geldwäschebekämpfung verschleppt
Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 16.13.06 copy Deutschland gilt als Geldwäscheparadies. Eine Zollbehörde soll das ändern. Doch die FIU ist mit der Bearbeitung von Verdachtsmeldungen offenbar heillos überfordert. Allein für den Zeitraum zwischen Januar 2020 und Ende September 2022 seien 100.963 Verdachtsmeldungen unbearbeitet liegen geblieben.
Die Zeit, 16.11.2022

Swiss must step up fight against mafia
Swiss Attorney General Stefan Blättler has called for stronger action against the Italian mafia which is suspected of operating in locations across the country., 26.11.2022

EU-Ermittler enttarnen weitreicheindes BetrugsNetzwerk von 9'000 Firmen
EU-Behörden haben einen komplexen internationalen Steuerbetrug über 2,2 Milliarden Euro aufgedeckt. Beim »vermutlich größten jemals in der EU ermittelten Mehrwertsteuerbetrug« seien Hunderte Menschen in 9000 Firmen in 26 Mitgliedstaaten beteiligt gewesen.
Der Spiegel, 30.11.2022

Kommende Veranstaltungen

Webinar @ 15.12.: The Future of Governance, Compliance & Proof of Reserves

Today at 6pm CET. After the FTX bankruptcy, it is essential to understand how crypto businesses can create safe and robust crypto custody solutions. In this webinar, you learn about the implications of the recent collapse, receive insights on building robust compliance, risk management & due diligence processes. 

Merkle Science, 15.12.2022
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